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Date:   Aug 11 2016 04:33 AM
Name:   chris arnini
Location:   Veermont
Referred by:   Seen you in person
Comment:   Missing you guys in the New England area. Saw the show at the CT ren festival years ago and it was so great.

Date:   Mar 17 2016 11:38 AM
Name:   Beth Rice
Location:   United States
Referred by:   I was your stage manager at the Arizona Ren Fest in the 1990's
Comment:   I would love to see you guys again. Lawton is too far to come this year. Maybe next year :-)

Date:   Mar 06 2015 12:15 PM
Name:   Valerie Loll
Location:   phoenix AZ
Referred by:   phoenix renaissance fair
Comment:   Miss you guys!

Date:   Oct 13 2008 09:24 AM
Name:   Cindy Corriveau and Nancy Krissoff
Referred by:   Renaissance Faire
Comment:   Dear Smee and Blogg:

Thank you for helping us with the outro to our piece for the television show Ghost Chat New England: History, mystery, Legends and Ghosts(C) You did a great job! We hope to have a chance to see your entire performance...perhaps you might even like to make a guest appearance just for us:)

Thank you again!

Cindy Corriveau
Ghost Chat New England: History, mystery, Legends and Ghosts (C)

Date:   Oct 14 2008 08:26 AM
Name:   Sylvie
Referred by:   Renaissance Faire
Comment:   Hi there Smee & Blogg! Attended the CT Ren Faire in Hebron CT this past weekend, my 3rd year and couldn't miss your show. You guys are wonderful and talented entertainers. Thank you for the laughs and hope to see you both next year! Be well!


Date:   Sep 24 2008 09:25 PM
Name:   Joe Gadsby
Referred by:   King Richard's - in person
Comment:   Moved to Dallas for a few years and now I'm back in Mass. Offered to take my nephews to King Richards and told them stories of years ago. Then I find you two aren't there ?!?!? Very sorry to hear that. It won't be the same. What's next, jousting goes away ?!

Date:   May 21 2008 09:07 PM
Name:   Judi Pofahl
Referred by:   OKRF the very first year
Comment:   They handed out a flyer opening day at OKRF to tell about changes to the scheduling. It said that you wouldn't be there due to illness. I see on your schedule that you missed Norman as well. We hope things get better. We miss seeing you guys.

Date:   May 21 2008 01:34 PM
Name:   BoPeep
Referred by:   Muskogee Renfaire
Comment:   Missed ya'll at the faire. Hope the illness is nothing serious and we'll see you back next year.

Date:   Apr 21 2008 05:38 PM
Name:   Olivia Andre
Referred by:   1987 TN Ren Faire
Comment:   My family and I saw our first Smee & Blogg show at the Tennessee Ren Faire in 1987... the year the butterflies attacked everyone! My sister and her best friend were 3, and they sat in the front row. You dubbed them 'Salt 'n Peppper', and we still sometimes call them that. I was very excited when I found your website... you see, we've made several copies of our copy from 1987, and they're all pretty much toast. Anyway, bought a new copy just now, and I can't wait to see it!

Date:   Mar 07 2008 10:46 AM
Name:   The Pofahl Family
Referred by:   OKRF
Comment:   We have loved you guys since we saw you at the first faire in Muskogee. We are looking forward to seeing you in Norman this year as well as in Muskogee.

Date:   Jan 22 2008 02:25 AM
Name:   Sir Pondexter the Pensive
Location:   Knight in Shining Armour Academy
Referred by:   The Dragon's Digest
Comment:   Looking forward to *next year's* Dragon Hunting Contest! Seriously, Al. we were thrilled to have you play Sir Adolphus the Adored in the Knights of Dragonshire audio production! We knew you wouldn't leave us hanging ~ you executed your part perfectly! I welcome all the Smee and Blog fans, once they've bought your DVDs and stuff, to have a listen to this hilarious performance! :)
Douglys of Howl-o

Date:   Oct 18 2007 01:48 PM
Name:   catherine cripe
Location:   killingly
Referred by:   ren fair
Comment:   smee was hitting on my mom. . . .

Date:   Oct 12 2007 12:24 PM
Name:   Peter Alessi
Location:   Wethersfield, Connecticut
Referred by:   Connecticut Rennaisance Faire - 2006 & 2007
Comment:   226 was the first time my wife, grandson and I got to see your show and I thought it was great. You put alot of imagination and fun into your show and I was happy to get to see you again this year. I hope that you both will return to the Connecticut Rennaisance Faire in 2008

Date:   Sep 13 2007 08:10 PM
Name:   Frank Blake
Location:   Mass
Referred by:   King Richard's Faire
Comment:   I am so sad to hear that you weren't at King Richard's any longer, but not too surprised. A friend sent a link to the CT faire and I definitely have to come and see you guys again. You guys were great when I used to see you at KR.

Date:   Sep 02 2007 04:50 PM
Name:   mark dupras
Location:   taunton, ma.
Referred by:   carver, ma. faire
Comment:   I have seen your show from day 1 in Carver, Ma. I went to the faire today 9/02/08 and was very dissappointed you were not there, your act is the BEST! My wife and i really miss your show.

Date:   Sep 13 2007 07:15 PM
Name:   Roxanne Ellis Raymond
Location:   Mass
Referred by:
Comment:   I was so disappointed to not see you at King Richard's Faire the last few years, I am psyched that I found you and will be seeing you soon! Thanks for many years of laughter!

Date:   Aug 26 2007 08:01 AM
Name:   Kevin McArdle
Location:   Lowell, MA
Referred by:   Searched names on internet
Comment:   I was planning on bringing my family to King Richard's Faire until I saw that you would not be there. We will now be attending the CT Renaissance Faire.

Date:   Aug 20 2007 11:43 AM
Name:   Lisa
Location:   Connecticut
Referred by:   Connecticut Rennaisance Faire - 2006
Comment:   Can't wait til the Faire this year! You guys are the reason my family and I are going back. Looking forward to your show in September.

Date:   Jul 16 2007 10:38 AM
Name:   Anthony
Location:   Tulsa
Referred by:   Muskogee OKRF
Comment:   I see My Daughter got here way before I did but I just want to ad that I realy like your show and that this year since I had My Daughter with Me You Guys realy made it great by bringing not just Me but to Her Laughter.....keep it up

Date:   May 07 2007 02:21 PM
Name:   Mike Burton
Location:   Springdale , Arkansas
Referred by:   Renie program
Comment:   Saw your act at the Oklahoma renaissce festival , truely cutting edge , we loved it and look forward to seeing it again. Mike and LinElla Burton

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