Smee & Blogg, The Singing Executioners


Eustace & Floyd

Music and comedy have always been the trademark of John Doering and Al Olson. For over twenty-five years, this duo has worked crowds from one end of the country to the other and Smee and Blogg, the Singing Executioners. While Renaissance Faires have been very good to them, the concept of working indoors has been a constant fascination.

Now, as Eustace and Floyd, these two carry on their successful tradition in clubs, bars, and concerts. Laugh packed gems such as "Overeating My Heart Out for You" and "A Cow Ain't No Girl for a Cowboy" litter their long list of original songs. Add in their parodies and patter, and you have the perfect blend for a gig full of giggles.

Click above to see some footage of Eustace and Floyd in action.
(Quicktime, 7MB, 07:23)

"Since you've gone away, my pickup truck won't start
The engine needs an overhaul, they've tore it all apart
Still, I'm wishin' they could do a valve-job on my broken heart
Since you've gone away, my pickup truck won't start"
- John Doering

For bookings, contact:
Al Olson
Voice: (817) 808 SMEE

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